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LE3 Review
We have purchased this model and tested it for 2 months with 2 other cameras as well, the BodyCam and the PatrolEyes HD. First on the Vievu, the bluetooth feature is not necessary in my opinion as it consumes a lot of battery life. The clip system could be improved and the battery life is limited, only 2 hours without bluetooth on. Video footage - above average during the day, below average at night.
The BodyCam is small, but this model the battery is good for only about 2 hours as well, and the night vision footage could be better. It is compact, but I work 8 hour shifts. The PatrolEyes HD was our third purchase and have had that about a month now. Battery life is 8 hours and I like the pre-event recording function. It is a bit larger than the BodyCam but I assume that's because of the larger battery. It does have a durable clip and is well built and I also connect my Kenwood walkie talkie to it so I don't have to wear the mic anymore. The night vision mode is the best of the 3 models as you can turn on or off the infrareds as well, so they don't glow red. If all holds up I will be recommending to our department the Patroleyes model.

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