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Not very impressed with Wolfcom 3rd Eye...
I purchased the Wolfcom 3rd Eye about 2 months ago and I have not been very happy with it. My first issue with it was the price. I purchased the camera for $475 thinking that "hey, it must be good because it costs so much and has all these features". I was sorely mistaken.

When I got my camera I was very disappointed with the quality of the camera mold. It had an extremely cheap plastic feel to it. At that time I knew I may have wasted my money. I got past the cheap plastic feeling and took it out for a test. The video quality was OK (recorded on 1080p), obviously not a GoPro or anything but my cell phone (LG G2) takes a better 1080p video than this camera. Still OK video quality but not for the over priced $475 price tag. Audio quailty was OK as well, a bit of an over sensitive mic but I can see where that would be a good thing. Mounting the camera was pretty simple and the camera was not that heavy. I was only able to get 4hrs of recording time on 1080p. They claim that their camera can record for 17hrs but I have no idea where they are getting that number from.

Looking at other body cameras this camera is over priced and I would not recomend this camera. Not to mention that they want $50 for a suction cup mount!

I have been looking around and I'm thinking about trying the patroleyes hd body camera. A lot cheaper ($300) and has literally all the same features. I'll let you all know how that goes.
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Were you able to use their video management software?

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